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Mark Ham

Have been very pleased with entry into crt world. Roland sorted me out with a sony 1270 + iscan. This has been fantastic, and even though the room is in no way optimised for HC, it still looks great to my eyes. I was wondering what the next step up in crt terms (where a real difference was apparent) would be and roughly how much it would cost (the cheapest possible). I am interested mainly in the projector and scaler (or whatever), but am aware that some of the biggest improvements are with the environment and screen.
I am a bit thick, but often make up for this with enthusiasm.....occassionally annoying enthusiasm.
Quite boring post I know, please humour me.


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Looking at a Sony 1270 myself.

I guess the next step for you would be either a Center Stage scaler SC1 or an HCPC, and projector wise a Barco 700/800 or something like that.

Hows the Sony doing?

What size screen are you using?


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As it so happens I have both a CentreStage CS-1 scaler and a Barco 701s for sale in the Classified forum :D

Roland @ B4

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Unless you are going up to an 808 or other electromagnetic focus unit I would have though the iscan would still serve you well . A barco 80* will not gain you anything other an being quiter. my next step would be a higher brightness 7" machine like a Sony D50 or Barco Data 708. Happy to trade your sony 1270 back.
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