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Upgrade Denon AVC-A1D

Discussion in 'AV Pre-Amp/Processors & Power Amps' started by hifiman, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. hifiman


    Products Owned:
    Products Wanted:
    I am looking for an audible upgrade for my Denon AVC-A1D.
    I was thinking of the Pioneer AX10i. But would this be much better?

    If not then I thought perhaps the Arcam P7/AV8 combo, or the American EAD theatermaster.

    I have Sonus Faber concertino home speakers, and Denon 3800 DVD.
    I want some thing that is a bigger enough improvement to hear an over all difference, as opposed to just subtle changes. I am prepared to spend the extra to achieve this.

    Any ideas?

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