Upgrade cost today?


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Have one TAG AVR32 15 months old!

What are the upgrade cost in UK to get the 5.1 bypass and the 192 kHz Dac,s? Here in Sweden the agent for TAG want 1200 EUR for that! Before TAG sold the business the price in Sweden was 900 EUR.

(The TAG servicedesk will not inform me because they have a agent in Sweden) (And every part want a bit of the "cake" :smoke:

Regards/Lennart Jonsson


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In the Uk the prices for new 192 dacs and 5.1 Bypass is £845

PLUS if your unit is older than 18 months old an extra £199 is needed

Never really understood this extra bit if my unit was manufactured in 2000 but went back to Tag in 2003 for 7.1EX and Dab upgrade why should i pay an extra £199 because the unit is older than 18 months old to now have the dacs and bypass.Surely all the motherboard updates have already been done



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What to do? Upgrade the AVR32 to 5.1 "by-pass" and 192 kHz Dac,s? Or bye one secondhand Primare 31.7 for 2000 EUR and sell of the TAG? Have you any advise?

Primare 31.7 have get very good reviews overall!



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Do you really need the 5.1 Bypass?

If not, you could do what I did and just get the 192Dacs fitted.
A worthwhile upgrade, they are a massive improvement over the 94 dacs.

Keep the Tag - I reckon you'd regret it if you sold it.
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