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Upgrade complete system set up


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Hi guys

Sorry its another upgrade thread

My current set up is
Denon 1910
B and W 685 fronts and FPM5 centre
B and W 686 Rears
Sky HD
Sonos player

I had this set up for about a 2 years I think its time for change - I have always felt that the set has been very bassy regardless of set up and has never let me down for movies but lack the audio capablities.

The set up is in my lounge which is quite big about 30ft long 12 wide.

Budget is about 2.5k would probably look to buy it on here as it has never let me down before. I would also want the amp to have good network features I use napster and all my music is on a nas drive.

Also would look to sell the above set up any ideas on what you think its worth need to do some research on this but all in great condition.

Thanks for all your help always appreciated



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I assume your Sonos is a ZP 90 or Connect, and is attached to the Denon (rather than being its own speaker, the Play range I think it's called)? IMO the Sonos network features (Napster and NAS playback) are superior and more easy to use than most amplifiers that are available today. I'd therefore not worry about an amp with these features.

I'm not really sufficiently experienced to comment on amp and speakers. I have heard the B&Ws can be bass heavy, and assume you've tried moving them around (away from walls, corners)?

As a Sonos owner (and Yamaha A1010) I'm very tempted to get an additional integrated amp to improve the music performance of the system. Perhaps you should consider this since you say movie performance is good.


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Wow that was a quick response I have the ZP90 and this is attached to the Denon and the sonos network feature plays the NAS and napster only looking for good network features on amp as looking to use sonos else were.


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I do not think you are getting the best from your speakers currently with the Denon and I am not sure £2.5k will really allow a significant improvement over what you already have if looking at a full setup. Going second hand, as you appear to be suggesting, may well help to get more for your money but I still think concentrating the budget on a couple of quality items may be the way to go.
I take it you do not have a sub at the moment?
An idea of room size, furnishings and layout would help as well. Are your speakers near a wall and/or corner of the room? A change of speaker placement, as suggested above, could solve some of the bass and/or other sound issues you have.
Hence I would suggest keeping your current speakers for now and upgrading the receiver to something higher end. This could be something like a Denon 3313 or Yamaha adventage range or maybe go for something less main stream with an Anthem or Arcam. These would really get the best from your speakers. I would then also suggest getting a sub as well. This would allow you to take some of the bass from the fronts which should make them less bassy and it will also clear up the mids etc. so really allow them to perform at their best. A sub from BK Electronics would be a good place to start as they are great value for money but if you can spend more then REL or SVS would be worth a look too.


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Wow thanks for that I will post a couple of pictures up tonight the speakers are on acram stands set about a ft away from the wall forgot to say I have an alumni 9 subwoofer if that helps I feel I am missing out on sound quality from when playing music


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If music is an issue then looking at a more music focused receiver, like the Arcam, could be a good option. I believe the 1910 has preouts? If so then you could look to get a power amp (or stereo amp with unity mode) to power the front speakers and this could help as well.


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that sounds interesting because to be fair i am ok with the movies its the music how does the power amp work in practice? Would this be cheaper than getting a whole new av receiver?


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hi just found no pre outs on Denon amp any suggestions 're amp and also is networking on amp any good if not could possibly getting older amp with better sound but no networking as could use sonOs any suggestions

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