Upgrade blues ...


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Need help chaps!

Just completed the following mods to my HCPC ...

1. Installed an 'Arctic VGA silencer' to my Radeon 9800 Pro
2. Installed a SilenX Heatsink/Fan combo to my Athlon 1600XP

Everything went well ... until I powered up! :(

The system is powering up (all fans going etc), you can hear the hard disc winding up and then the system powers down after about 10 seconds. There is no display output during the 10 seconds and no beeps are coming from the internal speaker.

In order to eliminate the gfx card, I installed it into my family pc and it works fine. So I guess it's pointing to my processor maybe? Could I have damaged it when installing the HSF? I thought I'd get some beeps to identify the problem?

Any ideas :lease:


sounds like the CPU heatsink is not properly mounted/seated and the system is doing a forced shutdown due to cpu overheat for safety/preventative purposes ... investigate/check your efforts


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Thanks chachi

I believe my Asus motherboard (AVN266-VM) has C.O.P (CPU Overheating Protection), however I can't believe it's kicking in after 10 seconds?

Even if the HSF isn't seated 100% I would still expect to see some kind of post display?


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def sounds like the heatsink isnt making good contact with the cpu - i had the same prob with my shuttle and that didnt display anything on screen until it was seated correctly


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Finally sorted ...

Tried re-seating the heatsink on the CPU a number of times but didn't get anywhere.

Managed to get hold of a new CPU today and installed it and the heatsink ... and ... fired up first time.

Guess I must have damaged the old one :confused:


I had the same problem with my AMD athlon 2000+,

It powered up, no graphic display etc, i think i must have dameaged the chip, i've got to sort that out, i carnt belive AMD ATHLON 2000+ still cost £50 new.

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