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Philip Newton

I have decided (if any of you have read my other threads) that I am not going to buy the second hand Denon 3801 as he is asking too much for it I realise that I would be mad to pay more than £350. Soooooo I now need advice on a new amp. I am thinking a cheaper denon like the 2802 or the yamaha rxv630 what do you think ? and if you look at my other thread auditions, I am also stuck about where to try them out help would be nice Regards Phil
Dont forget the Denon avr-1803 out next week for £300 from unbeatable, for specs go to www.denon.co.uk and click news.
why am i not surprised at you recommending this amp Tim :D
(btw when are you expecting to receive it)

but seriously the 1803 seems to be damn good value for money imo. Also you can always try Ebay for good (ish) deals. Theres a 3801 there for £360 but that may well increase.
However this 1802 seems a good buy - Denon 1802 - 3 year warranty to (not sure if its transferable tho)

Lastly the x200 series of marantz amps are now available for good prices - the 6200 can be yours for £380.

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why am i not surprised at you recommending this amp Tim
(btw when are you expecting to receive it)

next week hopefully :)
what is the main difference between the 1802 and 2802?. I have seen the 2802 for £469 which I don't mind paying if it is worth the extra. Thanks for the info so far.
The 1802 has no EX/ES capability, whereas the 2802 does.

That's probably the biggest difference, but there are lots of others too, not least of which is the price - the 1802 can be bought for around £250 online, whereas the cheapest I've seen the 2802 is £450.

The 1802's replacement, the AVR1803 does have EX/ES capability, and looks a good deal at £300 from unbeatable.
I haven't heard one though - I doubt many have yet, so you'd really be buying on Denon's reputation (which, it has to be said, is pretty good though).

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