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Upgrade Advise - stereo to 5.1 - keep existing stereo setup?


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I've had a pair of Celestion F30 floor standers and a Cambridge Audio A500 stereo amp for about 8 years now... and I'm going to take the overdue plunge into a 5.1 setup.

Reading the What Hifi 2009 awards, it seems pretty clear to me I should be getting the Q Acoustics 2000 Theatre speaker set, and a Denon AVR-1910 receiver.

I was planning on putting this alongside my existing setup, which I'd keep for music ... but is that worthwhile?

i.e. is the A500 as good as the Denon for stereo music, and are the celestions worse / better than the Q Acoustics? I'd assumed they'd be significantly better as they're floor standers, but maybe not?

Would it even be worthwhile ditching the A500 and using the celestions as my front pair along side the remaining centre, rear and subwoofer components of the 2000 set?

Thanks for your thoughts!



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AV recievers typically handle music as well as a stereo amp of about a quarter of the price. Hence I feel your current amp will outperform the Denon. Also the Celestion F30 is a nice full range speaker and imho will also outperform the QA speakers.
I would not mix and match the fronts though. This is because you want them to be a tonal match so as to get a well integrated front sound stage. If they do not match the sound will change as something moves across the screen.
I would not put too much weight on the what What HiFi says. However the 1910 and 2000s are both good products so will not go too far wrong. For a little more you can get the Yamaha 1065 which would be a step up in terms of reciever.
You really need to go demo the ones you are interested in to see how it sounds to you. You may find that for you the difference in performance is not too great. You can then make an informed choice on what to do.


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Don't get rid of your current setup til you've played music through the new one and can compare it. Whichever you prefer the sound of is the one to use.
I'd be surprised if you preferred the av setup for music though.

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