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My system is used mostly for watching films and occasionally playing music, now i am starting to play a lot more music/cds my system is
denon amp 3082
tosh 210e dvd
energy take 5.2 speakers + sub
satisfied with tv/dvds but now i`m looking for a dedicated cd player and perhaps a couple of decent front/stereo speakers, i`ve got about £600-£800 to spend on this.
What would be the best way of improving my music output
thanks for any advice/help

Chris Frost

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I was in a similar position a couple of months ago. Had a Denon 3801 with Rega Alya floor standers and the Rega Centa, Rel Stadium sub.

Movies sounded fantastic but music from my Linn TT was poor. I'd auditioned the Alyas with a cheaper turntable and a Rega Brio stereo amp (£400) and that sounded great - clean tight bass and treble, really exciting to listen to, so the weakness must be the digital processing in the Denon amp. I did notice a small improvement with the Denon when using the Direct mode but the amp was still the bottleneck.

I asked the dealer how much I'd have to spend on a surround sound amp to get music that good. The answer was a lot! So one solution I considered was to add a 2ch pre-amp and just use the power amps in the Denon when playing music.

Although I bought a second hand Rotel RC850 pre-amp I never got to try this solution. The Denon got sold and I upgraded to a much better pre/power combination that does movies and music really well. If you're interested the pre-amp is for sale. £50 + carriage.


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