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Hello, I currently have a desktop made from an Asus mATX z370-g, Intel 9600k, 64GB Corsair vengeance 3,200Mhz. EVGA rtx2080xc GPU, EVGA 750w psu and a Samsung 970pro SSD. A few years ago I was quite happy with the performance, but I hope to get a 4k screen, and notice even selecting 1440p (think using DLSS), although some images seem sharper on games with things like trees, grass (Forza H4, GTA V), the frame rates can drop really low. I can only get a stable 60FPS in 4k with most graphics settings turned down. I know the cpu is likely to be the weakest link. And was thinking of getting the 9900k. But with the 11th gen only a few months away, I’m wondering if it’s worth waiting for that and a board. My main thoughts are that it’ll support PCI 4.0, as sometime in the future I’ll likely get a RTX3,000 or maybe hold out for 4,000 series, also I can get Samsung 980 pro. The only concerns are how much the CPU’s will cost and a similar spec motherboard. I thought for the price the z370-g was a bargain and it seems similar newer boards (albeit ATX size) seem a lot more. But I’m also really tempted to just get a 9900k as it’s a good price now. But how much of a future would these have with PCIE 4.0, and 11th gen CPU’s around the corner. Actually I’ve just realised something.....Probably all of you will say get AMD. It’s just I’ve never had problems with Intel, although value for money isn’t as good, but also I know what to expect with Intel. But short question, is it a mad idea to get a 9900k, or wait for what comes next, the one thing that puts me off waiting is I’d need a new board also, but I’ve got more flexibility, but if people think k the 9900k will serve well for a good few years then I’d like to know that! Many thanks in advance.

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