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Upgrade advice

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Wackojacko32, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Wackojacko32

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    Jan 6, 2005
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    Pinxton, Derbys
    I currently have a pretty basic HC setup with my TV connected to an aging prologic amp via RCA's, no digital inputs. I was looking to upgrade to get full 5.1 surrond (possibly even 6.1) capabilities and was wondering what was the best option.

    1) Scrap what I have and go for a all in one

    2) Add an AV reciver/decoder/amp to my current system to give the extra surround capabilities.

    I am swaying towards the second option as I want as many digital inputs as possible for DVD/Xbox and possible upgrade to Sky+ in the near future and most AIO's seem to have only one, at least in my price range any way?

    I have been looking at Richer Sounds open box offers on AV electronics and they have what appear to be some decent amps at reasonable prices e.g.

    Yamaha DSPAX640SE
    Marantz SR5400.

    I assume both of these would do a good job in a fairly small room (12ft by 10ft Approx). Although they will probably have sold them by the time I decide :D

    My next problem is how best to set them up. I would initially want to use my existing 5 speakers, adding a sub and rear centre as and when, so would it best to connect them straight to the new amp or take a 5.1 pre amp to my exisiting amp which has discreet 5.1 ch inputs.

    The only down side to this option is space. Trying to fit all of this kit in the room may be a problem, my old system may get binned/ebayed in any event. Which brings me back to an AIO system. :suicide:

    Any help would be aprreciated.



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