Upgrade Advice? Would I see much of an improvement?




My system currently consists of 4x Mission M30i’s, Mission M3C2i Centre Speaker and BK XLS200-DF.

I’m looking at upgrading/replacing the speakers but don’t want to spend a fortune. I plan to eventually match with a Yamaha DSPAX863SE.

Would I see much improvement if I went with a Wharfdale Diamond 9 HCP system & kept my BK in the mix, giving me two subs?

Alternatively would I see more benefit if I purchased a pair of Wharfdale 9.2’s, 9.CC & 9.0’s used with my sub? The pricing pretty much equates to the same.

Would the 9.4’s give me much more over the 9.2’s? There only a £5’s difference (although I would prefer bookshelf)

Thanks in Advance


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When you say '9 HPC' system, are you talking about the system based around the Diamond 9.0 speakers?

If so, I would recommend nothing less than a system based on the 9.1 speakers.

The 9.2 and 9.4 speaker are virtually identical in terms of drivers. Obviously the 9.4 is a floorstanding speaker and isn't going to require a stand. Other than that, the 9.4 is slightly more efficient and his slightly more bass response. For the same price, unless space was a premium, I would go for the 9.4, but I'm odd that way.

Based on my best recall, the 9.0 system is just under £500, the 9.1 system is in the £650 to £700 range, and you can add another £100 to that for 9.2/9.4 in the front.

That is quite a range of prices. Could you give us a clearer idea of what your budget is.

As to the Mission M30i's, the 'M' line has been around for a while and has proven itself; it certainly has it fans. But the M30i is the smallest in the 'M' line and is mostly used for a rear speaker. I typically don't recommend anything less than the M32i for a front speaker.

Comparing the Diamond 9 line to the Mission 'M' line, these are the equivalents -

9.0 = M30i (4", 100mm woofer)
9.1 = M31i (5", 130mm woofer)
9.2 = M32i (6.5", 165mm woofer)

In comparing the two lines, the Wharfedale Diamond have slightly better low frequency specs, and the Mission have a very slight edge in Sensitivity. I would personally consider the Diamonds a slightly better speaker, but that's just opinion.

The speakers are similarly priced until we come to the 9.2/M32i comparison, in which case the Diamond is about £70 more than the equivalent Mission.

So, in my opinion, you would need to go to a system that has 9.1 or 9.2 in the front to consider this an upgrade. Simply switching to Diamond 9.0 would be a step sideways. Whether you would like the 9.0 enough to justify the cost, only you can tell.

Again, give us a budget and your requirements, and we will make suggestions at or near that budget.

Certainly a new system based around the 9.1 or 9.2/9.4 would be an improvement, but whether it would be an improvement to justify the money, again only you can tell.

You could simple replace the front two or front three speakers with something bigger and better. You already have a good sub, and the Mission M30i should make great rear speakers. Maybe you can move the two M30i's that you replace in the front of your system over to your computer (assuming you have an amp to drive them).

To replace just the front speakers and the center with Diamonds, would cost about £325 (9.2/9.CS) or £250 (9.1/9.CS).

The 9.CS speaker is slightly better and slightly larger than the Mission Center speaker you have. It depends on how satisfied you are with you existing Center, if you like it then keep it, otherwise upgrade to the Diamond 9.CS (£125).

I think the Diamonds and Mission are similar enough that you could mix them together with no problems. So to start with, simply upgrade your front left/right and work from there.

Again, it is always best to start by giving use your budget and your requirements.



Hi Steve

Thanks for the response. Yes I was referring to the 9.0 System

WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 9 HCP HOME CINEMA SPEAKER SYSTEM (LIMITED EDITION, WALNUT FINISH) - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/4281 for details Superfi are selling it for £350.

The 9.CC retails for £77, The 9.1's for £126 & the 9.2's for £190, so around £400 all in.

I don't really want to go over a budget of £350/£400 if I can help it. I've never really been impressed with the Mission system I have, sometimes I find the centre muffled but maybe thats down to the Amp (Pioneer 411) or the source??

I did think about just upgrading to M32i's but was a little put off with the bass port being on the rear (they would be wall mounted).

I guess my biggest issue with the Mission system is, it doesn't feel very warm & can be quite harsh at higher volumes but again this could just be down to the 30's?

Any help or recommendation would be very much appreciated.

Thanks Again

Edit : Just found the 9.CS for £125 THANKS!!
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I have just treated myself to a yamaha 863 and also a pair of diamond 9.1 and a diamond 9 cc and to me it sounds great.
I went with the 9 cc due to size and I am more than happy, although I think the 9 cs would be more suited to the 9.1/9.2



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I agree, the 9.CC center is intended to match the 9.0 bookshelf speakers. If I were getting anything larger like the 9.1 or 9.2, I would definitely go with the 9.CS, and if I were buying floorstanding speakers, I would consider the larger 3-way 9.CM.

But, as Mitch2791 indicates, he has 9.1's and the 9.CC center and is satisfied, so the choice is up to you.



Thanks guys,

I think I'll grab the 9.2's and a 9.CS. I'll use the 30's for my rears for the moment and see how it sounds.

Appreciate the help :thumbsup:

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