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It's upgrade time and I'm not entirely sure what to do - I'm with T-Mobile on Flext 35 paying £26 a month thanks to a previous discount.

I had a call from T-Mobile the other day telling me I could renew my contract and have "any handset" for free, or a discount of £10 a month for £18 months.

I'm sceptical of whether it will actually turn out to be a choice of any of their handsets when it comes down to it, I've never been over my allowance.

Regardless, I realised if I do choose a new handset, it would have to be one worth more than £180 to buy on pay as you go, because that's what the £10 off works out to over the contract.

I want a Nokia, but have read disappointing reviews on the 6500 Classic (screen breaking) and Slide (scratches on keypad from the slider). It pretty much leaves the 6300, which I could buy for £80 and make a profit of at least £100 over the 18 months.

I don't use a phone to listen to music, although I do use my current Nokia N70 for pictures quite a lot. How does the 6300 camera compare? I know it has no flash, but the N70 does and it doesn't really do much in low light anyway.

In short, would I be better off sticking with my N70 (which I've been really happy with) for as long as it lasts, or shall I upgrade to a better and newer handset?

I'm in two minds, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Well if they really do mean any handset the N95 8 gb is coming on the 26th May (allegedly).

I had the N70 and now ive got the N73 which was better Then hopefully gonna get the 8gb, they are all symbian so you like them all


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I had considered the prospect of the N95 8GB, but I imagine I'll be in the same position as I was before Christmas when I tried to upgrade to the 6500 and was told I'd have to pay £90 for the handset. They did give me £10 a month off for six months then by way of compensation (loyalty bonus or something, I think it was called), which has just expired.

If not, it may well go to the top of my list, although then presumably I'd need to add Web n Walk as well, which is more expense. I think I'm torn between what I want for me and what I want for my wallet. :)


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That call is unlikey to have been from t-mobile themselves. But rather someone else claiming to act on their behalf. I have had this before and was told by t-mobile that they don't call you to offer upgrades etc.


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I've no reason to doubt it was from T-Mobile - when I first said I wanted the Nokia 6500, in November, I was given the £10 off a month for six months instead, and told the check back to see if I could have it free after Christmas. They called me back then and told me it was available, but I'd changed my mind. They said they'd call back again - and did.

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