Upgrade Advice Please Help!


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Hi All,

Hope you all are doing well and dandy.

I have been contemplating upgrading my current bookshelf speakers as some of you already know are: Monitor Audio BX2's to the newer Monitor Audio Bronze 2.

I have had a look at the specification and to me not much has changed from the previous model apart from the aesthetics

My question to you all is: Do you think its really worth the upgrade to the Bronze 2?

Currently Prices are NEW:

1:MA BX2 149.99 GBP ---> Award Winning
2: MA Bronze 2 280.00 GBP ---> Not sure if any awards have been won

All help is much appreciated.



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I wouldn't focus too much on what awards have been won. If you can, see if you can listen to them. Everyone has slightly different preferences when it comes to sound, you may find you prefer something else entirely.


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Personally I never see the point of changing to the newer speaker from the same range. The improvement in sound quality is either non existent or very minimal at best and certainly not worth the cost. If you really want to upgrade your sound then upgrade properly by going to the next level of speaker i.e. the Silver range.
Speakers are not like computers where each new model is significantly better than the outgoing one.


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Thank you both for the input.

The things that sparked this all off for me was when at first I was looking for a wifi streaming device which I could connect to my Yamaha AS-500 amp but could not find one at all.

A few google searches and I found the one newer to mine which is the Yamaha AS-501. The AS-501 allows a device to be connected to it where the user than can play music using the wifi capability. This sounded intriguing and I was thinking would this then be a worthy upgrade ?

What are your thoughts guys?



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You will be upgrading the functionality but not the sound quality. If this functionality is worth the cost then go for it. A streaming device with optical output and then an optical to phono converter for £20 would connect to your current amp.


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Thanks PSM1, I ideally would love to get or have some sort of wifi streaming functionality but I am not sure what devices there are which would work with my current amp.

Do you know of any which would work a treat with the yahama AS-500. ?


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Thanks guys,

Steroc I have just got myself a Chromcast audio for my set up. i will be sure to give this thing a go and get back to you all with my results.

Thanks again for the help so far. I chose this option because its far better than any bluetooth streaming device I have come across so far. Wifi streaming is much more accurate and stronger.

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