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Upgrade advice needed - current spec included


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Hey All

So I have a PC I bought a while back, I've listed out the spec below. I'm finding it is slowing down using programs like lightroom etc. Rather than buy a new one, I wanted to know what I could do to this one to speed it up and future proof it a bit. I'd love your suggestions.

Here's the current spec:

Intel® Core™2 Quad Q9450
ASUS® P5K Motherboard

I'm assuming I could add another 4GB RAM to this but I would then need to change the OS to 64 bit - I'm assuming this isn't a simple install, rather a wipe and then complete install of a new OS

Is there likely to be much point in upgrading the processor? How about a solid state drive for the OS?

As you can see I'm really not sure what to do so ideas/advice would be very welcome

Thanks in advance


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An SSD would be the best performance upgrade. If you are running out of memory running Lightroom then just installing 64-bit Windows 7 would give you almost 1GB extra from your existing 4GB (it would be a clean install).


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CPU - no point as you have one of the better ones already. Anything above is expensive and can be difficult to get. Core 2 Extreme CPUs are real expensive.

Your board will support up to 8Gb of RAM but this is only worth doing if in conjunction with an upgrade to a 64-bit OS and yes it is a complete reinstall.

I would second brookheather in that an SSD for the OS would be the best upgrade choice. This would allow you to use the large drive just for data and as a temp area while editing.(remember to reconfigure software where necessary.)


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Great, thanks everyone. An SSD it is then.

Any recommendations? Current HD usage is about 250GB. I'm pretty sure I can get rid of a lot of crap from that so assume 256GB should be about right


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If you are working with compressed files then avoid Sandforce drives - have a look at the Samsung 830 or Crucial m4. You are looking at around £150 for a 256GB drive.

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