Question Upgrade advice; low end integrated amp


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My veteran system comprises a Rotel 840BX3 amp and Castle Trent speakers supplied by a Kenwood magazine fed CD player - I've had it for close on 20 years now and I'm still very happy with the sound quality.

The only thing the Rotel lacks is a remote control, so I'm toying with the idea of replacing the Rotel with something more modern with a remote. I'd consider an AV amp if one can match the quality of the Rotel, as my Marantz 5300 is getting long in the tooth too.

Before I start traveling around to hifi shops to listen can anyone suggest some possible replacements? (Doesnt have to be brand new though).

Thanks in advance!


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I havent bought anything more expensive than a set of headphones in the last ten years so I'm not sure. £300-ish for a straight hifi amp, up to £500 for an AV amp of equivalent sound quality? I got the Rotel second hand so I've no idea what it originally sold for.


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Give the marantz pm6006 a listen. It gets all it's good reviews for a reason, has a nice set of features and might even give your CD player a new lease of life if it has a digital output due it's very good inbuilt dac
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