Question Upgrade a fairly basic CCTV system - what am I best doing?

Thank for that @william149 - do you have a model number or link for the ones you bought? For the 4-6 that I'm after that's £420-£630 for the lot, plus the NVR (taking it to £850 - ~£1000+) and I'll have the option to add another couple. I've got a couple of questions about the NVR. Do any of the options allow for a scheduled backup to another location? Do you have any idea whether the NVR will work alongside an EZVIZ device as it looks like they're made by the same company?
Not sure on the model No, but they are the 4k turret 2.8 models, my system which has 3 cameras, an 8 channel NVR with a 3TB HDD, 3 deep bases for the cameras (to hide the cables in) & 200m cable came to just over £600 + VAT
Like i said, i'm a novice at all this so i can't really help you regards your other questions
Hi guys, i've got the 4k turrets 2.8mm and they are good. Only thing is the field of vision is slightly less than my previous 2.8mm (also) hiks. Fine cameras but you need to check on the audio capability as i think you want it right? Not sure mine has (DS-2CD2385FWD-I)

Anyway, i just wanted to add that i think you can achieve your requirements + your hopefuls if you focus on the cameras predominantly. Once you have the cameras selected, you then need the management and recording aspect. So if you go for hikvision IVMS is fine, it runs on windows and sure it runs on mac and if it doesnt run a windows emulator on mac to run it. Also runs on iphone and android and the cameras themselves can be independently accessed via their individual web interfaces (very good). Or you can write a very basic script to watch the cameras from a very basic html page....

Anyway, i have an HP Proliant Microserver - it runs 24 * 7 with Windows Home Server 2011 OS. 4TB drive partition 6 ways. Each camera is configured to write to a dedicated partition. The camera fixes its own quotes so knows to overwrite when it gets full. I should add i am powering the cameras using a POE switch. The server just so happens to be connected to that same switch. The only thing i would currently do to improve my setup would be to reduce the demand on that 4TB disk. Currently 4 cameras writing to it 24 * 7 plus me retrieving / viewing videos when i have the need. Ideally i might go for SSD (CCTV grade) and have the 2 main cameras with dedicated SSD and the rest running of 1 disk (Partitioned).

Look forward to seeing what you go for. £1000 is a decent budget.
Thanks for that @Paul_HDLover. Sorry for the lengthy time between a responses: life, eh!

So things have moved on a bit but in a different direction. I actually went to a Hikvision supplier and asked about the 4K cameras to see if I could get them direct from him and I was pretty surprised to have him say, ”Nah, you don’t need them!” Sand then day 2/3 MP was enough. It was a pretty weird experience as I was ready to buy them if he had them in but after about 5 full mins of him trying to divert me to other products, I just gave in and left. I gather he judged me as not having technical knowhow or something similar and I couldn’t be bothered putting the effort in to get him in the same page. Anyway, after a convo with the wife, she thought the price tag was excessive and to some degree, I do agree as I’d definitely benefit from improving security in other ways to prevent would be thieves from even bothering. So in the last couple of months I heard about Reolink cameras and decided to go with their 5MP RLC-410-5MP (bullet) for £62 from Amazon. I’ve mounted that high up in the back and hooked it up to a POE switch. I also bought the RLC-420 (same spec but turret) for the same price and will put that up at the front when I get a chance. I’ll most likely add one more camera to the side and then get a couple of the Yi 1080p internal cams (I’d recently bought one of those to monitor my ageing parents in case of emergencies and it fairs quite well but will need to be hacked to allow anything other than Yi’s cloud backup service for storage and management via Synology) for the likely entry rooms for a burglar. I’ve connected the RLC-410 to the Synology NAS that I have and have been using the Surveillance Station software to handle the management and so far, it’s been ok apart from me needing to put some more effort into configuring the movement detection so I get less false positives.

In summary, with the height that I’ve placed the back cam (just under my roof soffit), I’m able to see probably 90% of my back garden (as well as 2-3 other neighbours’ gardens) and with the front and side, I should be covered. The only niggle I have is that with the cam at the back covering such a large area, I’d have been happier if I could focus/zoom in specifically on my garden to add more detail rather than a larger viewing angle but the quality is decent and I’m able to see a lot more than on my old setup which was fuzzy as hell. I’ll check the options for zooming in but I’m pretty sure it’s not varifocal and so digital zoom is probably the only option to reduce that FOV and if so, there’s no real point if that’s the case. With that said, I could probably even go less in terms of quality at the side if I’m
just going to get area covered that isn’t needed (i.e. my neighbour’s half of the gap between our houses) - it’s the detail/quality I’m after really so I’ll probably drop the camera down as low as it can go to get that without being burglar reachable. I’ll have to pay for a Surveillance Station licence once I get past 2 cams though but so far, this is meeting some of my needs.

Looking at the requirements I submitted at the start of this thread, I think I’ll be pretty much there for the important things when I’ve added the other two cams, with the front door cam/door bell (that flicks up on TV screens or alerts via push/email) and some automation actions yet to address/investigate (if rear garden security light triggered/rear cam triggered, switch back room lighting on, etc). If there are any improvements to what I’ve done here, please do discuss... I’m after getting this as right as I can to make sure the family home is covered.
There’s an argument that higher MP cameras won’t do as well at night, was that what he was on about?

My 2MP dark fighter HIK vision ones give a really good picture in low light.

I’d like to upgrade the turret on my soffit to an 8MP one at some point. Was it easy to get it linked to your NAS? Mine records to the HDD but it’s only 1TB. Wondering whether to upgrade that or just put the cash towards the NAS I want and use that instead.
Nah, he was on about me not needing that level of detail for a residential property as opposed to a commercial one. He may have a point to some degree but I am the one who ultimately decides what I’m going to have.

It was really easy to connect to my NAS, Reolink give you the settings to use on their site and it took 20 mins to find that info and have it connected up. The Reolink app is decent but it is nice to have the management under the NAS so that I’m not limited to any one manufacturer for the cameras and there’s no need to use multiple clients to view them as Synology supports the ONVIF protocol meaning a fair few cameras work with it.

Sounds like your current setup is like my old one (but probably better). My old one served its purpose for a time but just wasn’t decent enough for anything but acting as a deterrent in my eyes.

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