upgrade 4 B&W subs to SVS SV-4000 or JLF112v? max 19" depth 19" width


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My home theater is about 19' x 14x with 10' ceilings. I have in wall B&W CWM 8.3D for FLR In-Wall Speakers - Hidden Speakers | Bowers & Wilkins

I have 4 of the CT SW12 subwoofers In-Wall Speakers - Hidden Speakers | Bowers & Wilkins with 2 in front, 2 in the back (hanging above seating area facing down) with 2 SA 1000 amps powering the 4 speakers (2 speakers per amp)

But the subs just don't get low enough, I don't "feel" the bass, it's plenty loud, plenty punchy but I really want the subsonic feel. Because of WAF factor, I can't have any subs sitting on the floor outside the in wall cabinet I built. there is a cabinet up front that I would install the subs into. But I'm limited by about 19" depth, 19" width, and 28" height.

I really wanted the B&W DB1D which i've heard at a friends house, it's bone crushing amazing. one would easily fill the room but given it's 2 woofers, I cant have it in the cabinet , it would have to sit outside on the right of the screen, which still isn't ideal since it'd be sandwiched between the wall and the cabinet.

I've been looking at the SVS SB4000 , unfortunately the SB ultra won't fit, and the JLL F112v2 (as the 113 won't fit) just a bit too deep. Given I need another inch for cabling behind i mnight be able to cut into the drywall and get cables in there.

BTW, current cable from the sub spot is speaker wires since the amp is in the rack, can I just use a speaker cable to RCA cable and use the same speaker wire with new sub or do I have to run a rca line?

Also I had contacted deepseasubwoofers, DAvid said he could build a custom marina 18s subwoofer with 4,000 watts to fit inside the cabinet.

Would love everyone's thoughts? Do I yank all 4 subs, put in 1 deepsea? 2? 1 or 2 SVS? 1 JLL?




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I would definitely have a talk with the Deep Sound guy showing your room and what they recommend to go forward. The Mariana 18s looks amazing with "strong 10hz in-room response". 4000w and same motor/magnet assembly as 24" version. Deep Sound is talked more at AVSForum (US) it`s not available to us in UK/EU (AVF is UK based). :) Some new models should be coming from JL soon, but you are paying for the brand name/finish too so i feel if the sub goes hidden then stick with the known ID brands as you get lot better bang for buck. There is lot of feedback for Deep Sea products at AVSF.



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The CT SW12 are pretty good subs but being so shallow they arent going to be delivering huge output at the low end. Still, four 12 drivers with 2kw power should still be giving a useable low end. It should be comparable to the B&W DB1D at least which uses two slightly better 12 drivers and 2kw output in an undersized enclosure. There may be some value in checking your eq and adding a house curve. Were they professionally eq or do you do it yourself via processor/receiver?
Pics show the room opening into the rest of the house although not sure if they are pocket doors. If the room isn't sealed then your low end will really suffer and may be the difference you have heard in other rooms.
Again the 4 subs you have should be bettering a single JL12 or sb4000 by a good margin.
Deepsea make some top of food chain subs and a custom-built enclosure for their 18 would be super I am sure. Probably not cheap I guess though.

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