Upgarde to Nokia 6230


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Hi all

Im looking to upgrade my phone.
I own a Nokia 8210. Its been absoulutley perfect for me, so tiny
and hardly taking up any room in my shirt pocket!
But with the new phones coming out, Im very much interested in
a similary sized phone but with more flexibility such as larger
sms size, battery life and other "cool" features.

I was considering the Nokia 6230 check it out :


It not widely available yet. But I was wondering what you folks
think about this phone? And wether I should hold fire for
something else. I have a preference for Nokia and a size of phone
like the 8210.



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I've just upgraded to a 6230 from a 6610 - you can find some of my "initial impressions" here:-


It's pretty much the most "discussed" phone on the net, and the general consensus is very positive so I doubt very much that you'll be disappointed.

As for new models coming out - there's always something on the horizon but to my knowledge, there's nothing particularly groundbreaking coming out any time soon. The 6230 has just about everything you could possibly want anyway (IMO) :)

If you have any questions about the phone then feel free to ask.



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Hi Kelvin

Thanks for your helpful posts.
I shall be upgrading to that phone as soon as 02™ stock them.
They have no idea when they'll be in stock or if they will have it!


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