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I was able to work it out
I took a chance and just power cycled it even though it still said, "downloading please wait" after 10 hours.
Once I power cycled it, everything came back on and now said, "Updating" 5% 10m, and from there counted down to 99% 1m, and eventually was finished and back to normal.,
SO. if you have a Denon AVR and not much experience with it, and you get stuck in this situation, there ya go.

Hi all, I just got my X3700H yesterday morning and started setting it up.

I was poking around in settings last night looking for how to start a dvd from a device plugged into the AVR and not the tv, first try, while I was there I noticed update section, I let it check for updates since the avr arrived earlier that day.

So, I clicked check for update and it found one, so I clicked update, without having read anything more.
Well it was on wifi, which I had just previously set up, I didnt realize that it should have been hard wired for an update, so that is on me.
However from 10 pm last night til 9 am, it still says on the screen "please wait...downloading...."

I started reading and see what this has been an issue for some other users, and often they will get a failed message or other.
So before I do anything else I thought id ask.
Should I power cycle it and try the update again after connecting the ethernet cable?

Should I do a factory reset ?
I want to get back to setting this thing up and I cant very well just leave it like this forever.
But if it is common for it to take this long and longer on wifi then fine, Il leave it for a while longer and see if it finishes, BUT in my experience when an update goes this long, it timed out or had some issue and it feels like I need to step in, BUT I dont want to make things worse.
What should I do here?
Any tips or advice on how to force this update to either stop or finish so I can reset it then try ti again with a hardwired connection?
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