Updating PS3 to play games?


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I have had a PS3 for the past couple of years and it is mostly used as a media device for playing movies etc.

But at Christmas time, out comes singstar and buzz :) I put in singstar and it wouldnt play it unless I updated the PS3 to version 3.42 or above. I updated to version 3.5 and then tried again - but then I had to update the game software and dowload like a 100mb file. Seems to be the same for buzz or any other game I put in.

I just want to know if it is necessary to update the software in order to play the games? Is there a way round this?



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There are two distinctly differnet things going on here.
The first is a firmware upgrade eg to firmware 3.50 - the most current ps3 firmware. This is the PS3 system software version and if a game needs say 3.50 you must update, there is no way around this

The second are game specific updates. These are required to update an individual game to its current version and must be installed if signed into PSN. You can play the games without performing these downloads only if you play offline.


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Just click circle when it asks you to download the game patch. You are always playing offline unless you go into an online match (i.e sofa v sofa match).

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