Updates - 'old' 360, not LIVE yet?


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Anyone know (please :) ) What will happen when I finally get round to plugging my 360 into my broadband?

Long (and boring) story - I've had my 360 since shortly after launch, but not yet gone LIVE.

When I do, am I going to need to sit and watch it download umpty ump dashboard updates for hours? - and if so, do you need to do anything (press Accept or something), or can I just leave it chugging away by itself whilst I make tea (or browse in here :D )

Many thanks! :thumbsup:


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The updates are really tiny (less than a minute on broadband).

My guess would be it would also only be one patch you'd need to do and that would bring you up to date.... I think.


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I think even my attention span should be able to cope with that! :thumbsup:

cheers Andy :smashin:


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Itll do the first patch then reboot, 2nd patch then reboot etc.

thats what my m8s one did.


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Anyone would think it was running Windows... ;)

Cheers :smashin:

Now I just need to get round to emptying / moving the entire cabinet so I can get at the wiring... :oops:


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Ghost recon will upgrade you with a patch, although I'm not sure what patch it updates you to.


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Once I get my a$$ in gear and get me a copy anyway ;)

can you see a theme developing here :oops:


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