Updated Release list from USA. *REAL*


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Well according to that oblivion isn't delayed....


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this is two days old. but is the real deal from a USA games store. But as you say oblivion isn't delayed (suggesting its out of date already) you have to remember everything, certainly that ive seen, isn't hard fact just rumour. This is hard fact.:eek:


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You can`t really trust shops release dates, they are often well behind the news.

The UK shops are even worse, they have all sorts of 360 boxes on the shelves for games that won`t be out till 2006.


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Everything i want is on that list so im satisfied that none of my games will be delayed.
I was a bit worried about Ridge Racer 6 but since no one has said anything about it being delayed i should be able to get it.

To be honest its sort of good that some games are being delayed.
There are just too many games to get from day one and no one can buy/play them all at once.
Its better to have some of the top titles come later that way we have something to look forward to.

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