Update this morning - new model number?


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Hello all, woke up this morning, turned my HD box on & the demo channel was on, which normally means an update. However, the only thing that's changed is my model number.

I've got a sky engineer coming this afternoon in an unrelated issue, so yesterday I made a note of all my system details. The model number was 607120N, but has now changed to 607120Q, everything else is the same; has anyone got any ideas why this would have changed? Btw, I had the anytime update at the beginning of the month, so I don't think it's anything to do with that. Is it just a coincience that this has happened the day an engineer is booked? Weird, eh?

Any suggestions gratefully received, cheers, Stu.


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Cant shed much light on this, but just to let you know i came down to the same thing this morning, i could not see any changes so i thought maybe it had crashed overnight so came on here to check, i never looked at the model number. wonder why that has changed, anyone?


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Yep mines changed too


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Just noticed on this thread - "Manual Radio Record Bug" - that an update overnight has cured this bug, but why it should be the model number changing & not the operating system, I still have no idea. Stu


Ah, I guess that explains why I got my update from 3.10q to 5.02f last night then.

My model number is also now Q.


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I changed the cables on my SkyHD box from HDMI to component last week and since I then I've been noticing a picture judder on all HD channels. Switched on tonight to find the Picture quality was back to perfect after the update.
Very strange. But I'm happy again.:clap:

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