Update on my picture frame 2.

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    After 2 visits to the repair agent of toshiba it came back with scratches on it and the black bevel around front not fixed on properly. That was the minor problems. After the set came back the first time with a new tube it went back again picture out of focus. Got it back and the repair agent couldn't get away fast enough, the picture was still out of focus.

    I complained direct to toshiba who contacted their repair agent who said the set was perfect when it left them. Before the set came back the repair agent told me the set had been checked by a toshiba technical manager and the set was perfect.

    I had the technical manager visit me today who saw my set in the workshop. He was not there to check out my set and was asked when it was in teletext mode did it look in focus, which he looked at it and said it looks ok in a splite second. They told me that the technical manager had checked the set as to say he had worked on it.

    The technical manager checked out the set and said the new tube was faulty and would need replacing again. He also said the the way the set was treated and the way the black bevel was fitted was poor. I wanted to know why the repair agent didn't pick up on the picture being out of focus and after I complained to the repair agent the first time the set was returned that the picture was out of focus. The toshiba technical manager had no answers. I told him that I had already lost use of the set for 3 weeks and that I didn't want this repair to touch the set again.

    I also pointed out to him that the set was not cleaned before return and showed him coffee stain on the top of set which came from the repair agent which I thought was pretty bad. I have now got wait for his report to go into toshiba and wait for them to make a decision. Be it the tube is replaced again or if toshiba will replace the set. Basically they will need to replace 3/4 of the set after the damage the repair agent done to the case. One new tube already, and now another not very good service. I told the repair agent that it would be more cost effective to replace the set than repair it.

    I will think twice before I buy another toshiba television, not that it went wrong because that could happen, but because of the poor service I have received. And the fact I had to argue with toshiba to get them to send one of their own technical people to look at the set. They kept on insisting the repair agent would have to look at it again I would have to contact the repair agent again. Fat lot of good that would of done, I would of lost the set for another 3 weeks and I would be going through this process again and again. I couldn't understand why the repair agent didn't put the set on a generator that shows if the the set is out of focus, I assume they haven't got one, well that says it all.

    So its wait and see.

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