update on 32" 100hz hitachi £649

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    Hey everyone,<br />Many thanks for all your replies and info on <a href="http://www.cheapesttv.co.uk." target="_blank">www.cheapesttv.co.uk.</a><br />After much deliberation i went ahead and bit the bullet on saturday!!<br />I made a trip down to birmingham to a warehouse where all the w/s sets are distributed from to view them for myself.<br />The scene that greeted me was dozens of boxes of new w/s sets stacked floor to ceiling!<br />I was told to choose a box to have opened,which i did,and they took out a brand new unused c32wf810n which they set up on their test bed for me to play with.<br />After "testing" the set for some time i was very impressed, and so with prior arrangement was able to pay cash(£679.99)and take the set with me.<br />When i got home and had built the stand,aarrgghh!!<br />I went through the manual and set up the tv to my preference and proceeded to watch the matrix on dvd.<br />WOW!! I am totally impressed,no problems,great clarity of sound and screen,this must be one of the best bargains i have found on-line.<br />Many thanks again for your input,<br /> speak with you all soon,<br /> quicksilver.

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