Update my Garmin Nuvi 310 satnav or not?


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I first bought my Garmin Nuvi 310D a very long time ago now; but it cost me a packet. I'd hope £300 would last me a long time. But as time goes by, I'm wondering if thats a falicy and you should jsut buy the cheapest satnav that does the job.

My satnav feels slow; becoming less responsive. I've given it no new maps; no patches or updates; its stock standard - so not sure why its feeling slow. Also, importantly, it keeps taking bizzare routes; the other day I was travelling back on a main A road, we came to a small village, 30mph. The Garmin was telling me to turn off, left onto a road. Because the satnav only shows so much of the route, i could not see if it was taking me to a new A road, or we'd re-meet the current A road. I hoped it was the former.

I was wrong, the left run became a smaller and smaller, a 1 car track, and finally remet the original A road. All because the satnav thought I could barrel down this track at 60, rather than the village 30. Total joke; lost time and covered my car in dirt etc.

1. Should I give up on my old satnav, or can I fix it and it'll be great?

2. If I should be buying a new satnav, what should I get? Big question I know, and depends upon my desires; but what are the new features/aspects worth considering?

. Considerations:
In my early days I returned a Navman and got the Garmin because the Navman couldn't get signal in builtup areas, and the Garmin did fine!! I liked the Navman had 'avoid this area' - the Garmin does not; handy if you know a road is blocked. I dislike that my Garmin only has one via point. I cannot plan a route on my PC and dump onto the 310D I think. I am not bothered about it talking the street name. I dislike how multilane junctions I dont know which lane i need other than: Keep left, keep right; it all get a bit too late and I just decide my self. I dont care about funny voices, nor about realistic tree backgrounds etc; I want something smooth & quick that gets signal. I like Avoid Tolls and Motorway feature of my sat nav, but sometimes it then choses the oddest narrow route, where a quick A road nearby would be better. Being able to chose your own 'average speed' for road types would be handy; or satnavs that do it better today. I very much dislike how my missus cheap Garmin does not allow you to work offline - it constantly searches for a satellite, whereas my 310D you can shut the antenna and start planning without interuption. The 310D came with lifetime congestion alert - I never use it. Its missing speedcamera alert, which is a shame. And you have to pay for updated maps; surely they're cheaper or free by now??!! I do not want to buy into any subscription.
Nuvi 1440T - seems to tick lots of my boxes, but what have I missed about it?

I'll be on the road soon and will see if I like my mates TomTom; I have no idea what it'll be like; I think his is only a year or so newer than my 310D.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this. :smashin:
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Any satnav will have the odd routing oddity down to map errors/the way it calculates routes. Oe brand isn't necessarily going to be better than another in this regard, just slightly different.

I think pretty much every sat nav has a avoid tolls and motorway option. My current Garmin does. You can also work it offline if you wish to on my Garmin. My previous Garmin could do this too.

The biggest improvements with a new device will be quicker satellite lock, faster route calculations, and newer maps. You have to pay for new maps with every brand of sat nav. With the Garmin ones you can get ones with free map update for the life of the product (when buying new or as a later purchase for a one off payment). I don't know if other brands offer this.

If a sat nav has a function where it can speak street names there is usually an option to not do this. My sat nav can speak street names but I use a voice where it does not. It also tells you which lane to use at junctions. If looking at new Garmins I would look at the 24xx/25xx series as they are a newer generation than the 1440.

You need to look for lane assist functions if you want to know which lane to use at multi lane junctions. The Garmin units that come with lifetime maps will have the letters LM after the model number.

Garmin and TomTom offer speed camera alerts subscriptions. You can also use 3rd party speed camera alerts with them. I use the Pocket GPS World alerts with my sat nav.

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