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I'm looking for a receiver or Home Theater system that upconvert from any imput like s-video or composite to 1080p resolution, I know that out there it is a receiver with the capabilities to do it but I don't understand why all companies after expending millions on design they keep short in the description of the abilities of their receivers. Any sugestion??
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See if the manufacturer names the upconversion chip they're using. Fajouda (spelling?), Silicon Graphics etc, then look up spec on those.

Most would go for a separate scaler, and use receiver for audio. If you're interested in s-video and composite, then capable SD 2nd hand scalers are out there from Centerstage, Lumagen, DVDO.


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From using my Wii today, I can assure you that even at only 1024x768, a composite picture doesn't look nice at all. Bearable though. Good quality s-video works well through a scaler.

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