Upcoming Philips LCD 32PF9986


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I was planning to buy the 30PF9975 but I just read the specs on the upcoming 32PF9986, which sound very interesting. However, I'm a bit confused on one point - the screen says it does progressive and even lists 720p but doesn't have phono component inputs or a normal VGA connector. However, it does have a DVI socket.

While I can see that you may be able to buy a VGA to DVI convertor for older PCs, how could you connect something with a normal YUV progressive component input to this screen?

Or is this another classic Philips getting it only 99% right.


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No component inputs? That's a bu99er. No Xbox connection then :( And I thought this may be the one for me. Sigh...


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Actually, the DVI is a DVI-I interface, which means it supports both digital and analogue signals. Maybe Phirrips isn't so daft after all if you can get component to DVI-I leads.


I'm just glad they've added DVI, still can't quite work out LCD TVs without it, at least those over 17". The 26" JVC could have been a great option for me if they hadn't omitted the bloody DVI (aargh). I suppose it may be something to do with the DVI tax but I don't want to invest in a LCD TV now without possibly the most important interface for the next few years. I suppose if one just wanted to watch television it then fine but LCDs are so flexible (Presentatins, HTPC, DVD, TV) that it seems a waste to me.

richard plumb

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should be fine with the DVI input. Philips themselves call it the 'flexible' input.

I like the idea of the ambient light - projects a gentle light of whatever colour you like onto the wall behind the TV to help improve watching conditions (and perceived contrast)

the 42" one will be stunning.


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and just a little expensive :)

Actually, I suppose the lack of components really doesn't make that much of a difference in the European market. Only my DVD player has component, everything else I have uses RGB scart.

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