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Hi :hiya:

Does anyone know a site that tells you when upcoming games are to be released in th UK?

Ive found some that have one or two games but not the lot!

Any idea's????????


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Game faqs has release lists for uk,us and japan (www.gamefaqs.com). its pretty accurate and you can see whats already available overseas withreader reviews, i find it pretty useful. Just click on the psp section and scroll down.


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Look it doesn't matter

People you have 4 weeks to complete current games. That might be enough to get all golds in Wipeout + finish career and story mode in THUG 2... :rolleyes:

.......last Friday of this month: GTA LCS
Its funny I have tried to get into GTA on Pc and PS2 but I just find it gets boring after a while !

looking forward to PES5 , GT4 mobile and SSX and a decent 1st person shooter (Not COA)


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unfortunately we're gonna have to wait till '06 for GT4


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I want an NHL game!

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