Up and Over the Edge


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and the bike too.

Had to go back and have another try at getting this shot.

Only things done in Elements was to crop and resize.

Can send original if required

File name
Up and Over.jpg
Camera Model Name
Canon EOS 30D
Shooting Date/Time
16/04/2007 18:26:12
Tv(Shutter Speed)
Av(Aperture Value)
Metering Modes
Split metering
Exposure Compensation
ISO Speed
Focal Length
17.0 mm
Image size
533 x 800

Any constructive crit. welcome


  • Up and Over.jpg
    Up and Over.jpg
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I like the crop,keeping the biker in the thirds and showing enough of the bowl to give the "over the edge" feel.Great action.

Nice shot:smashin:


better than the first, could be a winner!


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Nice shot - and well timed.

Looks to be a little soft to me though, and a touch underexposed. Perhaps a pop of fill in flash would help isolate the subject, introduce some contrast and low you to use the fast shutter speed to freeze the action.


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Very nice & dynamic. I like these bike shots.

If you'd been down lower (in the bowl perhaps?) and got the guy against the sky that would have been really good. Being a bit picky, but the horizon cutting across the rear wheel distracts a bit.

Good entry though! :thumbsup:


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Woo Hoo. Awesome shot. lots of action and on theme.

ps... looks a little dangerous to me :eek:


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Thanks for the comments people

Liquid101 - will you please explain "a little soft" I think I know what you mean but just to be certain.

Dangerous, yes bike riding is dangerous thats why I took up photograhy:rotfl:

Tobers - I was in the bowl but shooting into the sky messed things up a little, so had to try and get the guys lower, they did go very high.

Must acknowledge the riders too they were totaly unknown to me and must willing volunteers.

Thanks again



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Liquid101 - will you please explain "a little soft" I think I know what you mean but just to be certain.

Just not as sharp as it could have been - It could have been the movement (although at 1/800 sec, It's unlikely), or maybe a focus issue. Did you pre focus, or did you autofocus 'on the fly'?


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Focus set to AI Servo
with frame advance set to High
IS also turned off.

So it looks as if I try and do this again
Up the shutter speed which will open the Aperture which should isolate the subject, may also try spot metering, but this may blow the sky ao will have to practice with PhotoShop.

Hey ho it's all good fun.


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