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Reviewed by Simon Crust, 20th January 2012.
Up (now out on 3D Blu-ray) is the wildly successful computer animated film from those stalwarts at Pixar whose unlikely story line of a pensioner escaping eviction by using helium filled balloons to raise his house, manages to entrance and entertain by paying a close attention to detail with its characters. The opening eleven minutes are like a film unto themselves and with this emotional hook the makers can take you on a fantastical journey to lost continents and ‘monster’ birds with impunity as you will always side with the characters and follow them wherever they go. It is immensely touching and forever rewarding and comes highly recommended.

As a Region free 3D Blu-ray set, Disney have just repackaged the original 2D set that is already available; that in itself is fine as that set is extremely good. The picture of the 3D disc is very good with plenty of depth and a solidity to the layers, but it does lack the polish and ‘wow’ factor that later Pixar releases (specifically Toy Story 3 and Cars 2) exhibit. No such problems with the sound though which is bold and bombastic as well as being refined and accurate. The rest of the set, as mentioned above is the same as the two disc 2D set that is already available with reference picture and sound and backed up by an extremely comprehensive extras package. In all it's a great set, just slightly marred by the somewhat ‘premium’ price tag it is currently selling at.

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Casimir Harlow

Blu-ray Reviewer
I can't find the bit where the 3d is disected.

It's under the "Video" section. If you click the tab at the top of the review marked "Blu-ray" it will take you through to the sections on video, audio and extras, as well as the full verdict. The Video section is the first of these sections at the top of the page.

Hope this helps



Active Member
Great review of a great film. I think few films, let alone animated fares, encapsulate the emotional highs and lows of life as well as this one does just in it's first few minutes. I'm only surprised it didn't get a 9!

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