Unusual request (find me a video)


We have a colleague that works in slow motion here.
I was mentioning to another colleague that his life is like a music video, where the artist is walking at a normal pace, but everyone around them is whizzing by in a blur.
I need a video to demonstrate what I mean.
Anyone got any suggestions?


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There's definitely an advert where that happens. Will probably come to me in a bit. Have BT in my head for some reason


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the poker scene in the hangover does that but not sure its anywhere near the best example or scenario to get your point across


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There is a scene in "GO" when the bloke does two ecstasy pills which shows this.

I also think it is highly used in the new film "Limitless"



Seriously though from 28 seconds it's exactly what you describe

And this video is just because it's a tune :rotfl:

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I am sure the Underworld Born Slippy video has this effect? Can not search you tube here though.

Solomon Grundy

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isn't there a Verve video like that? Or are they all walking at the same speed?


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And this video is just because it's a tune

Mel B looks good in that video!! But I couldn't stand to hear her voice.Would HAVE to gag her with something :devil:

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