Unusual diversions on Flight Radar 24. Anybody know what's up?


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About 30 minutes ago I noticed a flight on an odd heading above my house. I sit under a flightpath for flights arriving at Glasgow from the south, so I'm familiar with the regular patterns and headings. This flight executed a huge turn above my house to turn south again.

Went on Flight Radar 24 to see what's up and noticed a number of flights on odd headings, with one from Jet2 landing at Edinburgh rather than its intended destination of Glasgow (LS154). I then noticed U27292 from Geneva to Liverpool heading towards Edinburgh, then a flight due in Manchester making the same diversion (flight BE7355 Milan to Manchester).

Checked Twitter and the chap on the Prague to Glasgow flight tweets that they were diverted due to weather at Glasgow. I'm not far from the airport and it seems calm and clear with good visibility. A couple of flights have taken off from Glasgow in the past twenty minutes so...

Anybody have any information. I'm curious as to what's going on!

Edit - Now there's a flight from Belfast to Liverpool (U2618 Easyjet) heading north of Edinburgh! Has FlightRadar failed or is something genuinely odd occurring?

Edit 2 - Checked on Flightaware and the same flights seem to be in progress, so that suggests Flightradar isn't the anomaly here.
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Not sure, but I was looking at it the other day when the Vulcan did its last last flight and saw a plane keep moving horizontally!


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Been lots of flight disruption at Liverpool and Manchester due to fog. I'm in between the two, and it's foggy again this morning.

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The USAF had to have an emergency landing at Glasgow of their Aurora?
Would be a good one for plane spotters.... oh wait :devil:


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Hate to be boring but it is probably weather related. Aircraft movements will be all over the place with the fog and Glasgow, even if in fine weather, is probably suffering capacity issues. Fire and emergency facilities can often be a limiting factor depending on what aircraft are doing what.


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I live right on the flightpath for Birmingham Airport.

Usually this is my view from the top of the back garden, today we can hear the planes landing but can see sod all. Very poor visibility.


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Is that a welcome flag in the back garden? :D

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