Unused 48 hour trial up for grabs


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Aug 2, 2006
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First come, first served. If anyone wants it, reply here, so others know it's gone.
if you are not going to use it will come in handy thanks
if not too much trouble can i have it? thanx mate!!
Once my gold membership ran out and i was broke. So I went to Blockbuster and opened the display box to a few games like rainbow six lost planet and got the 48 hour thingys out i even took one out of that live arcade games thing and got a month. I eventually got the 1 year premium pack so i still have some 48 hour trials left, but i used the month thing so just reply if you need a 48 hour trial.
yes plz still aint dragged my ass to game for anothe rcard lol
I'm stuck with no Live at the moment, so if there is any spare it would be much appreciated :D

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