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I'm pretty new to all of this so please excuse what are probably some very basic questions. I just moved into a house and the previous owner left his old surround setup but no instructions which I supper happy about. The speakers are all monitor audio. There is one center speaker, a sub and 4 ceiling mounted speakers. I bought a sony str dn1080 amp but when I came to plugging the speakers in I found the cables weren't labled or at least not in a way that is legible.

How would you guys go about working out which wire corresponds to which speaker? And secondly does anyone know connections on the amp the ceiling speakers go into? My options seem to be zone 2, surround back/height, suround (I'm assuming it's not centre or front a).

I'm a bit lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Ceiling speakers were probably for atmos. Unless you have spare speakers just use them for fronts and surround. If you’re not sure which wires go where, connect a speaker to any of the speaker outputs on the amp then play the test tone. Once you’ve worked out which speaker is playing label those wires then repeat. Shouldn’t take you long. Then connect them to front l & r and then surround l&r. Centre and sub are self explanatory.

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You can use a 9v battery to identify a connected speaker - you hold one conductor of the speaker wire to one pole of the battery and ‘brush’ the other conductor to the other pole, you’ll hear a ‘rasp’ through the speaker.


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