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Unsure about trusting E-Bay, does anyone have cheap projector knowlege? (Midlands)


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:thumbsup:Hello all,

I've never had a projector before, so dont really know what i am looking for, but i have seen these two ads whilst looking around the net :

PROJECTOR-Panasonic lcd projector. Th-ae200. Silver. Project your tv pc or dvd to a screen. £150. Used.

I called this one and he said it was his mates projector, and that he didn't know how many hours were on the bulb. If i did go to take a look, being as it is only up the road, how do i tell how many hours it has on the bulb, and what else should i be looking for? (I did read something about dead pixels?? What type of thing should i play on it to test for this?)

Also i found this :

Rosco HD500X - New - £189 from £329

In the selling info about this it said that the bulbs for this were half the price and lasted at least twice as long as other types of projector. If this is the case then it sounds great, but i'm sure there must be a catch somewhere!

So what do you think guys, and more importantly, does anyone have a better offer of a cheapo projector around the Midlands, i think i trust people more here than i do on some of the other sites around.

Thanks for your help!!



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Hello Pabs1980. :hiya: There is a catch with that PJ you spotted, in that the picture quality is really poor from what I remember reading elsewhere.

There is a sub forum (lower down the main index than the projectors sub forum) for wanted and for sale projectors and screens. You could post a wanted add there or you may even find someone selling something suitable. A lightly used secondhand PJ is likely to give a much better picture than a cheap new one. If you deceide a PJ isn't for you, then you've more chance of getting most of your money back if you sell it on.


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The ae200 is a few yrs old now so it could have quite a few hours on it.When its switched on and you can see the image look in the menu.

There should be a way of displaying the hours the unit has done on the bulb currently in the pj.If its a few hundred hours it should be worth £130 max.If its 1000-1500 offer £100.

I sold a similar pj on these forums a few months ago for £130 it was a Sanyo Z1 with 530hrs.

These pj can do 2000hrs approx and new bulb probably near to £200.

It will not do high def quality picture only standard def if you can up your budget to £250-£300 you could get a projector that will do hd second hand.


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I've bought several used PJs on ebay over the years. I've never been stuffed with a DOA machine. It's just a case of looking at what they are not saying and assuming the worst. A PJ with 750 hrs out of 2000 will still be a bargain if the bulb lasts 500 more hours - if it lasts less than 50 you'll feel hard done by but thats the risk you take with used kit from anywhere.

Stick to well reviewed and recommended models. There is a lot of dross out there that have all the specifications and are so-so at best. Be patient and stick to your budget; sooner or later something that fits your needs will come along at the right price. Spend the time waiting figuring out what throw distance you need, whether you are prone to RBE and whether the extras that people often put into an auction like screens and mounts are worth paying more for. A few weeks ago I picked up a 720p DC3 pj with a spare bulb for less than a tenth of its RRP so it can be worth taking the risk.

Of course there is always the classifieds here which generally has a better standard of kit up for sale.
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If you want to see whether rainbows are a problem and you are anywhere near Wolverhampton you can always come and have a look at my Planar DLP projector.

At least you would then know if you can buy LCD or DLP.:)

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