Unsolicited PAYG mobiles delivered


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Hi all,

Last week, a PAYG mobile was sent to my address with somebody elses name on. My dad signed for it without looking at the name. I was on holiday at the time and I said I would sort it when I got back. I got in tonight and my next door neighbour had signed for another mobile with my address and postcode on but with another name?? Both phones were sent from the carphonewarehouse (I had a peek inside) and are on Orange PAYG. Should I ring CPW and tell them what has happened. I'm a bit worried something dodgy is going on. I know I'll have to return them both anyway but I wanted to know the thoughts of somebody else.


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Ring CPW. Tell them you got the phone, and you don't want it and that you want it picked up. Put the phone aside. If they don't call for it in 6 months, it's now your phone. (May be a little off on the 6 months. Could be more or less as it's 6 months in Ireland)


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Hi Chris,

Looks like I am the victim of card fraud. I just checked my bank account online and I have been debited for the 2 phones from CPW and 1 from O2UK. Total cost £500..:mad: Just spoke to my bank and there are a further 3 mobile purchases in processing totalling another £500. They have cancelled my card and are sending me a dispute form to get my money back. The only thing I can think of is I handed my card in at a petrol station on holiday and they didn't use the chip n pin machine. It has definitely been cloned someware. I just don't understand why they would send 2 of the phones to my address.


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Sorry to hear about this mate, not nice at all :(

Lucky really though that some card purchases can only be delivered to the registered address, or you wouldn’t have known about the fraud.


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If they were thick enough to think that the phones would be delivered to anything other than the cardholders address, then they may be thick enough to have provided their home address for delivery.

If the Police are not too busy confiscating holiday videos or issuing cautions to kids playing hop-skotch, then there is a remote chance that they may invistigate a real crime. Tell them that you think that it was terrorists who cloned the card :rolleyes:


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You can cancel the order under the distance selling regulations, which should save you some hassle.

I'd ring up CPW and enquire why they accepted orders in a different name.

If you give them enough grief, they may let you drop the phones off at a CPW branch.

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