Unreliable Mesh - Linksys Velop WHW03 - advice please


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My 400Mb internet service from FTTP provider Gigaclear is distributed around our house with a Linksys Velop WHW03 consisting of 1 parent node (Gigaclear supplied) and 4 child nodes (1 from gigaclear, 3 I bought separately from Amazon).

We live in a large detached property with 3 floors and a cellar, and need good wifi coverage all over.

We also have sky Q - main box is connected to wifi, with two mini boxes connected via ethernet to a child node each in other rooms.

All linksys nodes have up to date firmware according to the Linksys app - although the Gigaclear supplied ones have, and the 3 from amazon are running Linksys support are aware of this and don't think it to be an issue.

The problems:
  • despite showing as connected to wifi our iphones and ipad (running latest ios15) regularly cannot access webpages
  • samsung soundbar (also in room with Parent node) regularly displays messages 'wifi disconnected' and then 'wifi connected' telling me that the nodes are unstable.
  • Sky Q often displays a message to say it is disconnected, reconnection is possible via settings.

Attempted solutions:
  • Restarted the router and mesh system - many many times. seems to cure for a short while
  • used the linksys app to run auto channel finder, doesn't appear to have made any difference
  • contacted linksys chat, they have disabled node steering, hasn't fixed anything
  • contacted linksys chat, they advised changing some of the channels from auto, doesn't resolve things

I am now looking into a replacement mesh (i can return the amazon nodes for a refund) - recommendations welcome, though I'll need ability to plug my sky mini boxes into a node via ethernet to give them connectivity.

Before I replace the linksys kit - is there anything else that I need to investigate?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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