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Unpredictable signal...


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Hello, hope this is in the right forum.

I have a 22" Bush tele with built in freeview in the bedroom. I don't think the aerial we use with it is great, but it's not terrible either. Sometimes the signal can be perfect but it rarely lasts.

I contstantly have to move it about and 'update channels/scan'. When the signal reception goes down it makes a silly noise which is more annoying than losing the picture itself! Also sometimes it will 'find' about 95 odd digital channels, other times it will get 40 odd.

Is this a case of simply getting a new, expensive aerial, or is it doomed as we're in a new build flat with a poor reception area? (I say this as our mobile phone signals are useless here too) We have the socket in the wall in which we plug in a lead which has an 'in and out' socket on it. Obviously one lead goes to the tele then we put the aerial in the other bit.

I am not usually bothered about watching the box in bed but with the World Cup on I'm resigned to sitting here watching a two bob picture while the missus watches the perfect SKY in the other room!

Any help would be REALLY appreciated. Thanks!
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I've probably worded it all wrong. When we moved in there was a lead next to an aerial socket in the wall which had an in connection and out connection. I plugged that into the wall socket and into the back of the tele. I then plugged the indoor aerial into the out socket.

Is this not right? I seem to get a better picture doing this than just connecting the indoor aerial directly into the tele. But still not good enough! As I said sometimes its perfect then it just loses signal. Its hard to explain.


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As I said the only place the indoor aerial should be plugged into is the TV.

If you have Sky then I presume you building is wired for Satellite reception ,many new flats are, the picture you get on Freeview may be being picked up from this, however this is not good, you need either a Terrestrial outdoor or Indoor Aerial plugged directly into the TV.For Indoor look to see where other outdoor Aerials are pointng, you may have to raise or lower it to get best reception.

I would also ask my neighbours if they have Freeview and if so how.

Although your Mobile Phone reception is bad, it has nothing to do with TV reception.


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This lead you talk about do you mean it has a male plug at one end and a Female plug at the other, if so roll it up and put it away. The cable you should use is a male to male cable, one end in the TV the other in the wall socket, also throw away the indoor aerial as from what I can gather it is doing nothing. If you do need an indoor aerial it should pug directly into the TV and not a wall socket.

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