Unpleasant sound in Magnat subwoofer


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I have just purchased a Magnat Alpha 30A sub this week. I have set the volume level and crossover freq, everything ok. I like the sound, and it adds a lot to the movie experience. But when I turn on (or off, I don't remember... Maybe both?) the light in the room, it affects to the sub, and it produces one disagreeable sound. Is it normal? Should I worry about it? I know the technical reasons why it occurs (I am physicist, after all), but I don't know if it is a problem or not. I also know that there are some electronic devices to protect your amps, to avoid current peaks like the ones created by the switching of the lights, and any fluctuations of the voltage, etc. My question is, should I worry about it, and look for such a protecting device, or I can forget about it, and avoid touching the light switch while playing music or watching movies?

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My sub produces nothing other than highly agreeable sounds. There is obviously a problem with yours but I don't know what as I am only a gynaecologist, after all.


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"Only" gynaecologist, you say!
Ok, apart from professions, then I think I must contact the seller... We will see. Well, actually is a very tiny noise, like a "clik", but at low frequency, of course. And I only hear it if the sub is on, but no music is sounding.
Thanks for the answer!

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