Unorthodox ipod connection - feasible?


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Hi all

Looking to get some advice wrt connecting my ipod to my car, an 06 Astra.

Basically there is no means of connecting the ipod to the existing stereo other than an FM transmitter which I'm not keen on in the slightest, largely due to the area I'm in having a lot of crooked radio stations at bizarre frequencies that tend to clash with presets in the FM ipod kits.

So my late thought is to wire a seperate small (discrete) auxiliary 12v amplifier to the existing speakers to plug my ipod into, along with some form of switching mechanism to isolate the existing car stereo from the speakers when I have the aux amp turned on.

So my questions are, has this been done before, is there a nice simple kit that I can by to do it, or is it totally impractical? Do I need to get into complicated electronics installing diodes etc to make sure signals dont get sent the wrong way from the the aux amp to the existing stereo and vice versa etc? Am just chucking ideas around, I'm by no means an electrical whizz but I'm sick of having no ipod connectivity in the car.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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I have astra which has the CD30 HU 07/57 model on wards have the 3.5mm input built in on CD30

Your idea is doable but complex and expensive.

Denison ICE link and other hard wired FM modulators should be better than the broadcast type
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An FM Modulator will suffer the same connection and quality problems regardless of whether it's hard wired or not.

Instead, I would look at finding a suitable AUX Input adapter for your car. They are available for most makes and models and are a hard-wired solution that will offer vastly improved sound quality over an FM modulator which will, at best, sound like a good radio station.

Have a look here as an example:

Use the menu on the left to navigate to Product Finder > Auxiliary AV Interface > Vauxhall and follow it from there to find your exact model of radio.

The other option is to buy a hands free kit that has iPod integration or supports Bluetooth streaming. For instance, I have an iO Play kit in my car and a Bluetooth adapter for my iPod Classic. As it's a company car I can't go ripping out the stereo and installing hard wired solutions, but fortunately the standard car kit for the company is now the iO Play following a trial I performed recently :)


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An FM Modulator will suffer the same connection and quality problems regardless of whether it's hard wired or not.

Only if it doesnt have a band stop filter on the input by utilising a band stop filter in an unsed area of the spectrum (there are a few bits top and bottom end) you may miss out on the odd station but you wont get passing interference This is RF engineering and used alot in big RF distribution systems by carefully matching the tuner specs with an appropriate filter you can cut out all the guff from passing motorists taixs etc.

You loose alot of functionality removing the OEM HU in the current asta as it has all the Trip data etc (GM got the specs badly wrong and added a modulator for there own 3.5mm inteface (its in an odd band somewhere)

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