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Question Unorthodox front speaker placement


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Hi guys,

I have a 5.1 w/projector setup at home and I'm changing the layout of things. I was thinking about using towerspeakers SIDEWAYS so I can lower my screen a bit. I am just testing things right now and I feel the screen is too high for my liking. Using the L and R speakers sideways would allow me to lower the screens just a couple of inches. It would set the tweeters juuuuuuuuuuuust under ear level but would make the viewing experience much better I find. I would place the speakers in a mirror position with the tweeters at the extreme right and left.

So you would have the screen, the L, center and R speakers under the screen just under ear level sitting on a shelf. Amp, Blu-Ray player etc etc also sitting on a shelf and the subwoofer in the corner. What do you think ?


Here is what I have at my disposition:

PSB Image 8c (Center)
PSB Image 4t OR PSB Image 3LR (Left and Right front speakers)
PSB Image 1B on the ceilling (rear speakers)
Subwoofer (forgot the brand and name, but it's the only thing not PSB because I didn't like the SubSonic subwoofer)

The 4t and 3LR are basically the same speakers. Using the towers would seperate the center woofers from the L and R woofers a bit more.


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You're basically creating a sound bar, will probably sound fine but only you will be able to confirm that, I doubt it will effect things..I mean you don't really need a centre speaker, you could use a normal speaker laid on its side if you had to, providing it was shielded etc...I'm sure someone will give you a more detailed answer


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I want the center speaker tweeter perfectly centered, so I wouldn't want to be using a regular L/R speaker as a center speaker :p

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