Unlocking Siemens A60 ?


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Understand from searching on the net, that this phone " The Siemens A60 " currently on Orange,
can only be unlocked after part of the PCB has been cut and then that a data cable and software
are required.

Orange say that they can unlock without them and several sites on the net say that they can
produce an unlock code via the Imei - at a price.

Could anyone please advise, from previous experience, if either of the above are the case in fact?

Thank you Pete.
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Unlocking would cost more than the phone is worth, which is almost nothing.

I have of those in a drawer on Virgin Mobile if you want it.


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Many thanks for your reply Stiggy.
I appreciate that the unit is well obsolete and has no financial value
but it could still be useful to me if it was unlocked.

I also had one on Virgin some years ago. The phone itself failed but
I am still using the SIM card now, so it was not a total loss.

Thank you again, Pete.
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