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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by Vchat20, May 9, 2005.

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    ok. simple question. i've got this old pioneer DCT remote (model BR-360TW) here that has been sitting unused for ages. it was supposed to go back to the cable company when we got rid of our digital cable service a while ago, but it was left behind for some odd reason. the cable company hasn't said anything and there hasn't been any odd charges on the bill or anything so I'm not worried.

    my main question though is: is there a specific device code or something i can activate on it which will unlock the cable box specific keys so i can use ALL the keys with my IR receiver? no matter how hard i've tried, any time i have tried to program the remote into winlirc, it would only recognize device specific buttons such as the playback keys (in vcr mode) and whatnot. it seems as if though the cable box keys such as the arrow keys and the select button is probably on RF cuz winlirc never picks them up.

    any advice would be grateful. id rather use this remote than the gaudy and lackluster packard bell remote the receiver came with.

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