Unlocking Motorola V525 On Contract???


King Steve 04

Can ne1 help me can i get my phone unlocked as my contract with Vodaphone is up.....can i get it done anywhere for free or can ne1 help me please??????????????
What i hear from looking around on the net is that it is hard to unlock motos and the v525 is quite new so quite hard.

The only way is to ring up vodafone and they will send u the unlocking code within a week and it costs around £20.

You could try and ring motorola and they could give u the code but i don't know if they do this anymore.

My best bet is to ring vodafone as then it is unlocked without the chance of some dodgy tradesman bugering it up
I have got some bad news for you:

It seems that all companies capable of unlocking your phone (whether it be market trader or the network) rely on software connecting directly to Motorola to obtain the unlock code.

The servers at Motorola have not been working for some time - and there is no guide as to when they will be up and running.

Whatever you do, don't pay money to anyone at the moment who claims they can unlock your phone now!

I only know the above info, cos I have been investigating getting the V525 (vodafone) unlocked.

I have instead bought the V300 on T-Mobile, which although still locked, works with my current sim card (Value Telecom/Fresh), which is a 'virtual' operator, using T-Mobile's network. Same sort of thing as Virgin.

Your only other option is buy the Sim Free V600, which is £299, but includes Blue Tooth headset, worth about £80.

If you are prepared to wait however long it takes for the servers to be up and running, then stick with Vodaphone to unlock it. Charge is £20 vs cheapest I've heard of being £14.99.

Hope this helps.
I have a V525 which i bought two for $499 aus and they both work fine on my optus contract.

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