Unlocking an ancient phone?


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Hello, I'm based in the UK and this is my first post on here.

I purchased a Motorola Razr V3 from O2 in 2004. I had a few years use out of it and then moved onto an iPhone and a different network provider. Since then it has been sitting in a drawer in my dining room. This year, in an attempt to restrict my use of social media (and also because it was my favourite phone ever), I want to return to using the Razr. However I'm coming up against some problems.

The first thing I did was call O2 and ask if they could unlock the phone. They strung me along for a week before telling me they had lost the data (?) linked to my old account, and they couldn't help me with something going that far back in time. I pressed them further but to no avail.

The next thing I did was take the phone to 7 or 8 unlocking shops in East London. I was told by every single one that they no longer owned the hardware to complete an unlocking of a phone of this age. I don't know where I'd find the kind of place that owns the "hardware" they speak of, or even if that's a real thing.

Does anyone have any suggestions of where I'd find somebody willing/able to complete an unlock of a 2004 Razr? Has anyone else managed this in the last few years?

Any advice very welcome. Thanks.

TLDR: How can I unlock a phone from 2004? Carrier can’t/won't.


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If I were you I'd bin the old phone and buy a new one on Ebay. You'll find there are quite a few new Razr V3 phones on Ebay at the moment with prices between £30 and £40.

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