Unlock Freeview for free?

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Am I allowed to ask this here? Here goes. :suicide:

Is there anyway to get the topup tv channels without paying monthly? Like UKTVStyle and that TCM movie channel, I believe there's an adult channel too, Discovery, Cartoon Network etc.

Is there anyway to watch them, for free?:rolleyes:


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You can steal a viewing card - but many see that as theft too.

Why not pay like everybody else?


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why does everybody thing the interest is a place to ask dodgy questions that you won't ask your mates...


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I would also like to know out of interest as I have have DVD recorder with Freeview, but no facility to use a Top up card!


Tony Hoyle

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Also, I would like to know how to take money out of my friends bank account as I don't have any money.

Seriously, people. Do you *really* expect an answer to a question like that?

Mods locking the thread in 3...2...1..


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We do not permit discussion about circumventing methods of encryption etc.....

If you want pay-tv, you pay for it. If you are "poor" then you go without.
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