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Unknown/unauthorised iTunes Transactions


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I did a quick search and found quite a few threads about this, but the transactions are showing in their Purchase History... where as in my case they aren't.

Anyway, I decided to go through all my bank statements for the last year to just check up on direct debits and such. I noticed a payment to iTunes for £20.97 on July 20th 2011... my first thought was "eh? I would never spend that much via iTunes..." but to make 100% sure I checked all my iTunes Store receipts in my email and none for the above transaction existed (I always keep them in my inbox and never delete them), the only ones there are for apps I have actually bought... which are all under £2.50. Since buying my iPhone I have only ever paid for 7 apps and none cost more than £2.48. So then I clicked on the 'Purchase History' link in one of my iTunes Store receipt emails and it logs me into my iTunes store and shows me all of my iTunes Purchase History and this unknown £20.97 transaction is not listed there. I decided to check my bank statements again and managed to find another unknown iTunes transaction of £13.98 made on the 26th July 2011! Again, no iTunes Store receipt in my email and it's not listed in my Purchase History.

What gives? These are obviously unauthorised transactions. No one has access to my PC or my iPhone and even if they did it would mean these two transactions would be listed in my Purchase History...

I have sent an email to Apple, wow what a pain in the ... that was trying to get to the right page.

I'm guessing they wont do anything from other threads I've read via a quick Google search and I'll have to go through my bank?

I have just deleted my debit card details from my Apple account to avoid this happening again.

Even though I am annoyed and want to know where £35 of my money went I am also kinda glad it wasn't a lot more £££'s.
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If there's no record of the purchases in your account it probably means someone is using your debit card details on some other account, not that your own account was hacked. Sounds like somehow they got your debit card details.

I'd get in touch with the bank ASAP, tell them you had these transactions you did not make or approve.

They'll probably refund you but more importantly issue a new card, which is a really good idea, as who knows where else those people may use your card details next.

Just deleting your card details from iTunes at this point is not enough.

Also make sure to run a full test of your PC with a spyware scanner and check your anti-virus is up to date. That's often the way those details are obtained.
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Thanks gkpm, you make a very good point that I didn't even realise last night while trying to figure out how this money had been taken from my account.

I will definitely get in touch with my bank to notify them of these two transactions and to get a new card

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