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Aug 25, 2007
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Hi all,

De-regionalised the system with the method on this forum a while ago. Seemed to work fine at the time, but then haven't used it to play a dvd in quite a few months. When I tried the other day with discs that worked fine before I got 'unknown disc'. I went and de-regionalised it again thinking this was the problem, but where it will play some discs, more often than not I get the 'unknown disc' message...

I think there was a thread on here that dealt with this problem, but I think its been archived now and I can retrieve it... any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks...
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hello matey,

had exactly the same problem when i had one before, do a factory reset and then re-apply the multi region hack, worked fine for me after that... thing is, it was yonks ago and i cant remeber how i did it, try googling the issue, i posted the info up in the original owners thread so it should be in there somewhere...:thumbsup:

Thanks Mark...

I'll have a search for it on google... unfortunately the links on the forum to the archived pages don't seem to correspond to the actual required pages for some reason...!

Best regards...

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