Universal Table Top stand for 42” Panasonic plasma


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The desktop stand for my Panasonic 42”plasma is long gone as it’s been on the wall.
I need a cheap table top solution.
It doesn’t need to be fancy, just strong enough to hold the monster safely.

Anyone bought from eBay Amazon etc and would recommend what they got?


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Lookup the Bontec pedestal stand on Amazon. I have one and its a great stand for £22.

Thanks for posting - I did spot that one and saw good reviews.
Unfortunately my TV mountings are 660mm apart so it's too wide for that stand.
Yesterday I ordered a paid of "legs" from the same manufacturer.
They look a bit more industrial but hopefully they're strong enough and will fit.

BONTEC Universal Table Top TV Stand Pedestal for 22-65 inch LCD/LED/OLED/Plasma TVs, Replacement TV Stand Legs for Screen Monitor Riser, Securely Holds 50KG & Max.VESA 800x400mm
Amazon product


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Legs turned up this morning.
:facepalm: took the big bits out of the bags to begin with then noticed they were labelled individually :facepalm: still not tough to assemble.
Heavy weight metal and slightly awkward hardware because they've painted the screw threads so the first few turns are stripping the paint. Paint finish could be a little better too, but no worse than any other 3rd party monitor or TV stand I've used.
Not as nice as the original Panasonic pedestal but that's no surprise.
Now I just need the new TV so I can move the plasma and try them out.


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Bother - new TV arrived so the old Panasonic has come off the wall but the holes in the legs don't line up. There's no way I can balance it's weight on just two bolts so I either need a different mount or to adapt the one I've got. I suspect I'll be filing down the holes to elongate them.

I knew the panasonic was a weird mount but it never occurred to me it wouldn't be a VESA standard :facepalm:


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Consulted with an engineering friend. He suggested 2mm steel should be easy enough to drill.
I marked out the correct locations and then drilled a 4mm pilot hole - then bored it out to just over 8mm to accommodate the bolts needed to hold my TV up.
So if anyone needs to put legs on an old Panasonic TH-42PZ81 I'd recommend this stand and a bit of DIY


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